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BVVG Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH is the state-owned agency responsible for the administration and privatisation of state-owned farm and forest land in Eastern Germany. It was founded in 1992 and has since played an active role in the transformation process of the former GDR, aiding its transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy.

BVVG holds the mandate to privatise approximately 1.8 million parcels of land with a total area of 3.2 million ha, and has therefore generated a remarkable amount of know-how and expertise in the field of IT-supported land administration, lease management, land sales through auctions and tender, contract management, forest management, redevelopment of contaminated sites as well as methods for land valuation. BVVG was also involved in the process of restitution and allocation of land ownership rights to the different administrative levels of the German State and has therefore contributed to the formation of a well-balanced ownership structure in Eastern Germany.

Since the year 2000, BVVG also provides consultancy services to Eastern European and Central Asian countries on the privatisation of farm and forest land, land market development, institution building and land administration. In this context, BVVG has contributed to various projects of international cooperation

BVVG's International Consulting Department provides policy and legal advisory services as well as technical assistance in areas that lie within its core competencies

Aside from being involved in projects of international cooperation, BVVG has organised various seminars and workshops on land privatisation and land market development in partner countries, including Estonia (Tallinn), Romania (Bucharest, Cluj Napoca), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Banja Luka), Slovakia (Bratislava), Georgia (Tbilisi), Macedonia (Skopje), Serbia (Belgrade), Bulgaria (Sofia) and South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Stellenbosch).

Moreover, BVVG has organised study tours for high ranking delegations from China, Russia, Kazakhstan Ukraine, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Kosovo, Vietnam, South Africa, Mongolia, Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Croatia, Romania and Belarus.

BVVG also offers short term experts for international projects.

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